Who We Are

We come from varied backgrounds and walks of life. We come from many states, especially the northern ones, but some southern ones as well, and a few of us are from Canada. Over half of us are Winter Texans, but more than a third are yearlong residents. We come together to share the warmth of south Texas, but perhaps more importantly, to share a sense of community that adds meaning and purpose to our senior years.

In 1989 the property owners in the community formed the private not-for-profit corporation, Aladdin Villas Property Owners Association, Inc. Each property, whether owned individually or jointly, has one vote per lot as a member of the corporation. A Corporate Board of members is the management body for this democratically organized community that has kept the corporation on solid financial footing since it’s inception. With resident-volunteers managing most of the jobs within the community, the association dues have been kept low—still only $435 per lot per year in 2020, first increase in five years and this includes garbage.

Private lots and their houses within Aladdin are owned by individuals or couples. The community has 543 lots with about 500 homes. Common properties within the community are owned jointly by the owners of the lots, that is, the members of the Corporation. These properties include the swimming pool and spa, the tennis, croquet, and shuffleboard courts, a woodworking shop, and the two halls that house a kitchen, ballroom/dining area for over 500 persons, stained glass shop, library, areas for a number of crafts, along with rooms for meetings, billiards and card playing.

A separate board, the Activities Board, plans, arranges for, and implements all of the joint activities within the community, with a great deal of resident input. The chair of that Board sits as a vice-president on the Corporate Board of Aladdin Villas. The Activities Board is responsible for maintaining the finances of that program. Income comes primarily from fund-raising activities such as weekly dances and entertainment by many Branson entertainers, the monthly Arts and Crafts Days during the winter,  pickle ball, wood shop, glass studio, ceramics, pottery, bingo and low-cost weekly breakfasts and simple dinners, attended by residents as well as other Winter Texans from the surrounding area. Since all activities are managed by volunteers, costs for the programs are limited.

Aladdin Villas is a place to enjoy friendships, warm winters, amenities of the Rio Grande Valley, and the camaraderie of a community where you can share your talents, if you wish, and benefit from the skills and interests of others.

Aladdin Villas Subdivision is a 55 years of age or older housing exempted community, as set forth in Section 807 of the Fair Housing Act (42 U.S.C.A. 3607) and amended by the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995.