This list is provided for those interested in purchasing property in Aladdin Villas Subdivision. Aladdin Villas Property Owners Association, Inc. is not a Real Estate Agent and takes no responsibility for the property listed. All properties are privately owned. Call the seller for additional information.

Five new homes have been built and occupied in 2020. All five of these homes are on lots where Mobile Homes once stood.   Home building during the past several years has seen many new houses completed. Most of these homes are on lots that previously had Mobile Homes. If you are interested in building a custom retirement home check out Aladdin Villas.

Click Here to review the Governing Documents of Aladdin Villas.

Lists updated November 22, 2021 

Properties - West Side

416 AquariusHouseZapphire Real Estate956-579-2276
1424 LibraHouseOwner913-205-3800
518 MercuryHouseLife is Good Real Estate956-600-9551

Properties - East Side

502 GeminiHouseOwner608-774-2895
407 VirgoHouseOwner612-384-5082
412 VirgoHouseOwner440-254-6504

Click Here to access the Governing Documents of Aladdin Villas.

Before finalizing a sale, the prospective buyer is cautioned to check on the property’s compliance with Aladdin Villas’ Deed Restrictions.

Aladdin Villas Subdivision is a 55 years of age or older housing community, as set forth in Section 807 of the Fair housing Act (42 U.S.C.A 3607) and amended by the Housing for older Persons Act of 1995