Veteran’s Day Luncheon 2016

If you weren’t there you missed a wonderful AV Veterans Day celebration headed up by Joe Langham and Michelle Varnado. The decorations, food and program were very well done and our Veterans received a complimentary meal in thans for their service. The highlight was the Mission Eagles High School Choir, directed by Katherine Calloway. They gave an outstanding performance. The cheerful, well mannered and well behaved group of young men and women are wonderful singers and a credit to Mission, their school, and themselves. Their version of one song (I don’t have the title) and the way the choir performed it was truly amazing. The emotions evoked by the song’s lyrics, their powerful presentation, and the accompanying slideshow was so overpowering that there was barely a dry eye in the place. It was such a profound tribute to those who have served, and especially those who didn’t come back, that the audience was left speechless. Overcome with emotions and memories we were unable and unwilling to follow their tribute with something as mundane as applause, we sat silent in testimony to the power of their performance.Thank you to the Mission Eagles High School Choir for the thought, creativity, work, practice, and especially for the emotion that went into their performance. It made for a truly memorable Veterans Day. Thanks also to Joe and Michelle and all who worked to make it a great day.

Veterans and guests enjoying the great program.


Mission High School Choir
Mission High School Choir


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